Electro–Technical Calibration Service

From precision reference standards to meters, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, power supplies and portable calibrators to virtually any other common electronic test and measurement equipment, Process Instruments' Electronic Calibration Service will get your equipment back in use quickly and efficiently.

Whether in our shop or at your site, your equipment is brought into specification using our well defined procedures that insure highly repeatable results. Data is maintain for every calibration reports in observation sheets and maintained for a minimum of four years. Our highly skilled and trained technicians on call 24/7 365 days a year are available to meet your calibration need and it's easy to see why Autocal Systems is the preferred choice for electro technical Calibration Services you can count on. For calibration any type of electro technical instruments like megger, flow meter, transmitter, conductivity meter, ph meter, thermo couple, multi function calibrator, resistance meter, ammeter etc. are calibrated by our professional engineers. We are using Fluke calibrators and other precise instruments and our test BMC is very good for the calibration of such equipments.

Electrical equipment for calibration

Volt meters Watt meters Calibration of ammeter
Frequency meters Resistance decade box Resistance meter
Multimeter Clamp meter Meggar
Insulation tester Earth resistance tester V–A–W meter
Universal calibrator Current transformer Dimmer
AC power source DC power source AC power supply
DC power supply Loop calibrator Leakage current meter
Hart communicator Capacitance meter Multifunction calibrators
Ph meter Conductivity meter Calibration of devices
Calibrators Energy meter Power meter
Power factor meter Capacitance meter kV meter

Thermal equipment for calibration

Glass Thermometer Digital Thermometers Temperature Recorder
Temperature Gauge RTD sensor Pt-100 sensor
Oven Incubator Furnace
"J" Type thermocouple "K" Type thermocouple COD Muffle Furnace
Temperature bath Temperature transmeter Temperature transducer
Liquid Temperature Bath Temperature Controller with RTD sensor Digital Temperature indicator with RTD sensor
Digital Temperature controller with sensor Digital Temperature indicator with sensor Temperature Data Logger
Freezer BOD Incubator Deep Freezer
Dry & Wet bulb thermometer    

We have a dedicated setup to serve the hospital industry, whereby we have special calibrators to calibrate sensitive instruments used in the industry.