Revolution ,Power,Energy, Force, Torque, Time, Sound Calibration Service

Revolution equipment for calibration

Tachometer Digital Techometer Non-Contact Techometers
RPM Meter Centrifuge RPM Measurement
Speed Measurement Vibrator RPM Stroboscope  

Power and Energy equipment for calibration

Power Meter Energy Meter Power Factor Meter PF Meter

Force and Torque equipment for calibration

Shore A Hardness Tester Shore A Hardness Tester Durometer Rubber Hardness tester
Torque Wrench Screw Driver dial Torque Wrench Digital Torque Wrench  

Time and Sound equipment for calibration

Timer/ Hour Meter Stop Watch
Sound Level Meter Sound Level Calibrator

Temperature Humidity Mapping Validation equipment for calibration

Oven Incubator Autoclave
Warehouse Store Room Dispatch Room
Furnaces Muffle Furnace BOD Incubator
Environmental Chamber Humidity Chamber Humidity
Temperature Bath Cold Room Carburising Furnace
Stress Relieving Furnace Nitriding Furnace Sealed Quench Furnace