Mechanical,Pressure, Dimension and Mass Calibration Service

From micrometers, thread gages, plug gages and length rods to most other measuring tools and standards Autocal Systems goes the extra mile to ensure you get excellent accuracies.

With a dimensional lab precisely held at 20°C, each of your tools is cleaned and inspected as part of its calibration. You get calibration data and recall notification as part of your service. Due to our rich experience in ISO consultancy and best documentation our calibration reports are designed in best way and you can get benefits to obtain process consistency and repeatability.

Combine strict control and management of laboratory environmental conditions with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly trained metrology and calibration technicians, and you get pressure calibration services you can trust again and again.

With pneumatic pressure standards ranging from vacuum to 1000 psi, hydraulic standards from 0 to 40,000 psi, and accuracies to 0.0025% (25 ppm), Process Instruments can offer standard and/or custom calibration services for a wide variety of pressure measuring devices including Gages, Transducers, Calibrators, Monitors, Pressure Controllers and Deadweight Testers. The customers are using our calibration laboratory for calibration of pressure gauges, flow meter, calibration of pipette, mass calibration, weight calibration, glass wares, burettes, torque wrenches, gauge, vernier caliper, calibration of scales, gauges, test sieves, vacuum gauges etc with our calibrated masters.

Dimensional and Mechanical equipment for calibration

 Micrometer  Digital Micrometer  Point Micrometer  Spline Micrometer
 Blade Micrometer  Ball Point Micrometer  Vernier caliper Dial Vernier caliper  Digital Vernier Caliper
 Inside Micrometer  Internal Micrometer  Depth Gauge  Dial Depth Gauge
 Digital Depth Gauge  Thread Plug Gauge  Plain Pluge Gauge  Height Gauge
 Dial Height Gauge  Digital Height Gauge  Dial Indicator  Digital Indicator
 Digital dial Indicator  Dial indicator of bore gauge  Thickness Gauge  Dial Thickness Gauge
 Digital Thickness Gauge  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge  Feeler Gauge  Pin Gauge
 Measuring Pin  PinSnap Gauge  Dial Snap Gauge  Gap Gauge
 I.D Gauge  Bore Gauge  Pitch Gauge  Wire Gauge
 Dial Calibration Tester  Sieve Test  Sieve Angle  Angle Gauge
 Angle Protector  Bevel Protector  Combination Set  Degree Protector
 Flow Cup  B4 Cup  B6 Cup  Glass Scale
 Radius Guage  Radius Thread Pitch Gauge  Standard Wire Gauge  Straight Edge
 Coating Thickness Gauge  Elcometer Foils  Profile Projector  Microscope
 Measuring Scale  Measuring Tape  Steel Scale  Tape And Scale clibrator
 Length Bars  Standard Length Bar    

We have a dedicated setup to serve the hospital industry, whereby we have special calibrators to calibrate sensitive instruments used in the industry.