Gas & Liquid Flow Calibration Service

Autocal Systems is one of the few flow calibration laboratories in Pune accredited ISO / IEC 17025 for measurement of gas and liquids.

ATC, Inc. provides innovative flow measurement and calibration products. Our patented Intelligent Gas Flow Sensors (IGFS) and Standards offer solutions for complex flow measurement challenges. Our Micro-Flow Technology for leak testing and calibration has introduced a new dimension in the area of micro-fluid dynamics.

Gas & Liquid flow equipment for calibration

 Mass Flow Meter/Controller  Glass tube rota meter
 Mag Flow Meter  Low Flow Meter
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter  Orifice Flow Meter
 Mechanical Flow Meter  Bypass orifice Flow Meter
 Sugar can Flow Meter  Metal tube rotameter

We have a dedicated setup to serve the hospital industry, whereby we have special calibrators to calibrate sensitive instruments used in the industry.