Biomedical Calibration Service

Medical equipment are part of life saving technology and it plays very important role in diagnosis. Doctors highly depend on the measurement taken using these instruments. Thus medical equipment calibration is a critical part of the quality system. Zenith can calibrate service and repair following medical instruments.

Our calibration management tool, Gage InSite, provides us with some key advantages. It enables us to keep a detailed, searchable inventory of customer instruments and calibration dates, and allows us to identify when calibration on a particular instrument is due. We also issue calibration certificates and prepare calibration reports according to specific customer needs. Certificates can be provided in paper or electronic format, and all records are backed up at a secure offsite location.

Biomedical equipment for calibration

 Patient Monitor  Cathlab
 Defibrillator  CT Scan
 Syringe Pump/ Infusion Pump  Ultrasound Machine
 ECG machine  X- ray
 Ventilator Mammography
 BP Apparatus  C-arm
Fatal Monitor  Treadmill
Cautery  EEG & EMG
 Anesthesia Ventilator  IABP
 OT lights  Pacemaker
 OT tables  Heart Lung Machine
 Pacemaker  Holter
 Dialysis Machine  Patient Warmer
 Tourniquet   ACT Machine
 Light Source  Laser Machine
 Pulse Oximeter   CUSA Machine
 Suction Machine   Steam Sterilize With Boiler
 Small Steam Sterilizer   ETO Sterilizer
Washer Disinfector Machine   Blood Bank Equipments
Phototherapy unit  Water Bath
 Microscope  Autoclave
  Refrigerator  Centrifuge

We have a dedicated setup to serve the hospital industry, whereby we have special calibrators to calibrate sensitive instruments used in the industry.