Our Profile

    Autocal Systems was founded in 2003 for instrument calibration laboratory. Since then, we have steadily grown by adding many new facilities, capabilities including primary and secondary instrumentation to become leading calibration laboratory in India. We provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility or on-site at their location.

Calibration Lab

     Autocal systems is an independent calibration laboratory established since 2003 in india and has provided state of the art calibration services to may different industries and providing quality calibration services for testing and measuring instruments with our calibrated masters in the field of medical, flow, temperature, dimensional, pressure, vacuum, time, mass, electrical, noise, airflow, lux & all special purpose instruments in all ranges. Autocal systems is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. Autocal systems had vision to grow as a partnership all over the india and had more than 80% of industries of maharashtra and had become market leader for instrument calibration and first preference of global customers. We are one of the good lab set up for biomedical equipment in hospitals and flow meter for water as well as gas flow meter all types.

Why Many Units have Taken Our Accredited Instument Calibration Services:

  • Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory services are highly recommended by ISO certifying auditors, WHO GMP as well as FDA auditors and third party auditors. and majority of auditors have visited our calibration laboratory on our open day and seen our capability.
  • Provide National / International traceability in our calibration certificate file for ISI / ISO / CE certification or government tender requirements or for multinational customers audit requirements. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory services in India and globally are popular with in all leading groups
  • Autocal Systems is started since 2003, having proven name and majority of companies and leading group of India prefer our calibration certificate. We provide On–Site calibration facility, arranging calibration camps in the industrial areas and make annual calibration contracts.
  • The Infrastructure in terms of dust free, vibration proof, properly illuminated, temperature and humidity controlled environment in our laboratory. Huge investment for sophisticated master calibration equipments and trained skill manpower gives high level of reliability and confidence.
  • We are having reputation in the market for Quick delivery, Reliability and lower rate.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the field of Mechanical, pressure and vacuum, force, mass, volume, thermal, electro - Technical as per latest ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Understand quality and importance of calibration due to our Director’s more than 10 years rich experience of ISO and management consultancy and our services given to more than 1200 Clients in India and other 45 countries globally.
  • Infrastructure in terms of precise and sophisticated masters, skill personnel and controlled environment condition as per ISO/IEC 17025 calibration lab.
  • Having rich experience for calibration of government organization and many big companies and multinational companies. So far more than 20,000 companies have used our facilities for calibration of more than 2,00,000 instruments.

Reference Standard Maintained

 Slip gauge set  Length bar  Optical Flat
 Optical parallel  Monochromic light source  Three wire pin set
 Electronic comparator  Electronic probe with DRO  Precision level
 Profile projector  Sine bar  Digital micrometer
 Digital caliper  Internal microchecker  Square block
 Digital caliper  Internal microchecker  Square block
 Standard foils  Slip gauge comparator  Dial calibration tester
 Humidity generator  Standard humidity meter  Solid temperature bath
 Liquid temperature bath  Dry block furnace  Pt–100 temperature sensor (class –A)
 “S” thermocouple (class –A)  “K” thermocouple (class –A)  Universal calibrator
 Temperature data logger  Digital Pressure Gauges (-1 to 2 Bar, ±0.05%FS)  Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 70 Bar, ±0.05%FS)
 Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 700 Bar, ±0.05%FS)  Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 1400 Bar, ±0.05%FS)  Dead Weight Tester
 Pressure Comparator (Hydraulic and Pneumatic)  Digital Weighing Balances  Reference Weights (E–2 Class)
 Reference Weights (F–1 Class)  Multi–Function calibrator (Fluke)  Current coils
 6 ½ Digital multimeter  5 ½ Digital multimeter  Resistance decade box
 Universal calibrator  Sound level calibrator  Torque wrench tester
 Master tachometer  Master stop watch (Resolution 0.001 Sec)  Revolution source (Contact and Non Contact)
 Hardness blocks  Load cells  Digital Hardness tester
 Rubber hardness tester  Tape and scale calibrator  Torque wrench calibration system
 Data acquisition system  3 phase energy calibration system  Online 3 phase energy calibration system
 Universal Length measuring machine  Low pressure calibrator  Glass scale
 Micrometer eye piece  Angle gauge  Pito tube anemometer